BC Youth Chess Championship Tournament 2020 (BCYCC)

BC Chess Federation  

Official BC Chess Federation Youth Championship Tournament (BCYCC)

  Cancelled Due to CODIV-19, Full refund to Registered Players on or before Sunday March 15 - http://chess2inspire.org/Cancellation-Notice-BCYCC  

March 14-15, 2020

Online Registration Only (Early Bird Ends on Sunday Feburary 23th, Registration Close on Friday March 13th 5pm or out of seats)

Cancellation: 48 hours before event starts (before 9am March 12th), send request with your name and Eventbrite ticket number to tournaments@chess2inspire.org

Note: New refund policy from Eventbrite, there will be a ~10% Eventbrite Fee deducted from the purchase price in all refunds

Emergency Contact after March 13 5pm (e.g. bye request due to sickness), please email to both of the contacts:

[Open to all B.C. Juniors (born after: Jan 1, 2002), Limited 150 seats]

[Previous Champions 1999-2019]

Event Flyer: 2020-BCYCC-Flyer-v1.pdf



Qualifier for the 2020 Canadian Youth Chess Championship (CYCC)

BCYCC is a qualifier tournament for the CYCC in Mississauga, Ontario, July 11-14, 2020:

  • All sections - score 50% or more in the BCYCC to qualify for the same section in the CYCC

BCYCC Play up rules:

If someone wants to play in an age category older than the one they qualify for, they can do so.

BUT: if they qualify in a certain age category to play at the CYCC, that is the only age category that the player can play in the CYCC.
IE: if one player who is 9 years old wishes to play in the U14 section at the BCYCC, if they qualify for the CYCC, the only age category that the player can enter at CYCC is the U14 section.


The same would go for girls that would like to play in the open section for their age group (or older) ... if a girl plays in the open section and qualifies to go to the CYCC, then the only section in which the player can play in the CYCC is the section that they qualified from at the BCYCC.

CYCC top finishers in each age group will be awarded with travel bursary and officially represent Canada at the World Youth & Cadet Chess Championships:

  • World Cadet (U8/U10/U12) Chess Championship - Oct 18 - 31, 2020, Batumi, Georgia
  • World Youth (U14/U16/U18) Chess Championship - Sept 7 - 20, 2020, Mamaia, Romania

CYCC Play up rules - please refer to the CFC Handbook section 708 here.

BCYCC Organizing Team: Jonah Lee, Glen Lee, Ron Hui, Peggy Lee, Caroline Hui, Michael Lo, Lara Lo

Tournament Director: Stephen Wright (FIDE International Arbiter)


    UBC, Irving K Barber Learning Centre (IBLC) Room 261

    1961 E Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1

Sections and Round Time: 12 sections by age and gender (see below for details)

Dates: March 14-15, 2020


  • U8 / U10 / U12 - 5 rounds Regular Swiss
  • U14 / U16 / U18 - 4 rounds Regular Swiss

Rating: CFC rated. CFC membership is NOT required to join this tournament

Registration fee:

  • Early Bird - before Feb 29th mid-night $65 ($10 off for 2nd or higher member of the family)
  • Regular - ends Mar 13th 5pm, $70 ($10 off for 2nd or higher member of the family)


  • New refund policy from Eventbrite, there will be a ~10% Eventbrite Fee deducted from the purchase price in all refunds


  • Open Sections First Place or tied First Place - title of Champion and name(s) engraved on the section's perpetual trophy
  • All Sections First Place (after tie break) - financial support towards attending CYCC (guaranteed CYCC regular entry fee $250 if more than 7 players in the section)
  • Top 3 players in the Open sections and Top player in the Girls sections (after tie break) - trophy

Tie break:

a) Ties other than 1st Place - computer tie break:

  1. direct encounter (FIDE rule - only valid if all the tied players have met each other),
  2. individual cumulative score,
  3. then cumulative score of opponents.

b) Tie break for 1st Place (to determine funding for the CYCC and trophy, all those involved in the tie will share the championship title on the perpetual trophy/plaque)

  • Playoff between the two players or the top two by computer tiebreak if three or more players tie for first
  • Two game match, time control 10 minutes with a 5 second increment (color for the first game will be will chosen by lot)
  • Still tie after the two game playoff, single games at a time control of 3mins with a 2 secs increment until there is a decisive result (color for the first game will be chosen by lot)

12 Sections - by Age and Gender (may combine if too few players in a section)

Under 8   (Born on or after Jan 1st 2012) Open Girls
Under 10 (Born on or after Jan 1st 2010) Open Girls
Under 12 (Born on or after Jan 1st 2008) Open Girls
Under 14 (Born on or after Jan 1st 2006) Open Girls
Under 16 (Born on or after Jan 1st 2004) Open Girls
Under 18 (Born on or after Jan 1st 2002) Open Girls

Check-in (Late check-in will only be paired if there is an odd number of players in the section. If you are late, check in asap, you will NOT be paired for any round before you check-in.)

Check-in (for ALL Sections) - Saturday March 14, 8:45am-9:15am

Round Time

U8 / U10 / U12 U14 / U16 / U18
Time Control: G50+10
Round 1 - 9:30am Saturday
Time Control: G90+30
Round 1 - 9:30am
Round 2 - 11:45am Round 2 - 2:30pm
Round 3 - 2:30pm  
Time Control: G90+30
Round 4 - 9:00am Sunday
Time Control: G90+30
Round 3 - 9:00am
Round 5 - 1:30pm Round 4 - 1:30pm








Venue - University of British Columbia

[Irving K Barber Learning Centre (IBLC) Rm 261- 1961 East Mall , Vancouver, BC V6T 1Y3]

[More Parking - https://parking.ubc.ca/map]

[UBC Map (downloadable pdf)]

Food & Drinks - UBC "Feed Me Now" Directory & Map:

Attractions & Activities:


  • Bye request – Maximum 2 requested ½ point byes (except last round) at least 1 hour before the round starts
  • Forfeits wait time – 60 minutes grace period before the game is forfeited
  • Ties for non-cash prizes will be broken using tie-break systems (direct encounter, individual cumulative score, then cumulative score of opponents)
  • Online registration only - Onsite registration is NOT allowed
  • Chess notation is required for All sections.
  • Chess sets and clocks are provided
  • May use player's CFC, FIDE, CMA, NWSRS or foreign rating for pairing on TD's discretion
  • Players must inform the TD if s/he is not able to play in any round(s). Player not show up for any round without notice will be forfeited from the tournament, and requires a legitimate reason and TD’s approval to re-enter the tournament

Residency Rule

All participants must reside in B.C. and:

  • have resided in B.C. for a total of at least six months in the 12 months prior to the start of the Championship; or
  • have resided in B.C. for the three months prior to the start of the Championship.

Nut Free Policy - Food/snack contains nuts or traces of nuts are not allowed and will be disposed. Thank you for helping to keep our children safe.

Nut Free








How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Go through this section (FAQs) first. If you cannot find an answer here, you are welcome to contact us by email at tournaments@chess2Inspire.org, we usually reply within 24 hrs.

I already registered, why do I need to check in?

Chess is a game play by 2 players. We will only pair you to an opponent when we know that you are on site. This eliminates the frustration of players sit and wait for their opponent that may never show. If you are late, check in as soon as you arrive, you will not be paired in any rounds before you check in.

What is a chess rating?

A chess player's rating is a calculated numerical estimate of his/her strength, based on his/her results in tournament play against other players. It is calculated and maintained by chess federations/organizations (CFC & CMA in Canada). This is a 'rated' tournament, the organizer will submit results to CFC and/or CMA, which carries out the calculations and publishes the results. If you do not have a rating currently, you will have one after this tournament.

You can check your current rating following the links below:

If I lose a game, do I still play in the next round?

You will play in all of the rounds even if you lose some of your games, so stay and play on.

Can I skip one or more of the rounds?

You can request for 'byes' (not playing in one or more rounds). For example, a bye in round 3 means you will not play in round 3. Players must inform the Tournament Director if s/he is not able to play in any round(s). Player not show up for any round without notice will be forfeited from the tournament, and requires a legitimate reason and the Tournament Director’s approval to re-enter the tournament. Check the 'Tournament Rules' section for details.

Do I need a membership to enter the event?

No membership is required to join the tournament.

What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

See venue information above.

What can/can't I bring into the tournament hall?

Absolutely no alcohol, nuts and food (including snacks) inside the tournament hall. Bottled drinks (water and juice) are allowed.

What is the refund policy?

Full refund is available 48 hours before the event starts, send request with your name and Eventbrite ticket number to tournaments@chess2inspire.org.

Can parents stay in the tournament hall?

Parents are allowed to stay and take photos in the first 5 minutes of each round, please be quite and DO NOT talk to any of the players. Parents have to leave the tournament hall after the first 5 minutes of each round and must stay outside to pickup your child. Players will be escorted to the exit of the tournament hall after their game is finished to be pickup by their parent(s).

Where can I get food and drink?

See venue information above.